Glenmore Cheddar Chilli (200g)

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A great all rounder hard cheese inspired by the Welsh cheddar but made in a style of our own. Buttery and milky with a subtle tang. Brilliant for melting or being centre stage on a cheese board. This cheese is aged for at least 3 months.

We named this cheese Glenmore after the area which the cows feed in the highlands of Banyuwangi Java. Some say that the region of Glenmore is named after a group of Scottish who migrated to that area in the mid 18th century.

In naming our cheese Glenmore we thought it a fitting tribute to the rich milk from this beautiful lush area of Indonesia whilst acknowledging the heritage cheesemaking skills used in this type of cheese from the other side of the world. 

Glenmore is also available in the original, or infused with peppercorns